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Building better brands and lasting partnerships
by investing in the
 power of good


Who Are We?

MEM10 Consulting is a Memphis based consulting firm that builds better brands and lasting partnerships for passionate individuals seeking to leverage their influence by investing in the “power of good”.

Our firm works one-on-one with clients and their families to develop and implement community-focused social initiatives that align with their values and drive lasting positive impact. 

Through consistent marketing and public relations strategies, MEM10 aims to generate positive awareness for our clients on a national scale.

MEM10 has had the privilege of serving clients from the following industries:

  • Professional Sports
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Philanthropy
  • Culinary Arts
  • Medium to large businesses

Our Specialties

Our expertise spans across four primary areas
  • Fundraising Strategy & Philanthropy
  • Brand building & management
  • Relationship Cultivation
  • Business development
    & Startup


What We Can Do For You

Fundraising Strategy & Philanthropy

Founded on the power of giving back, we recognize how overwhelming it can be to have a desire to be charitable but not know where to start. With a wide variety of organizations seeking support, we want to ensure that we first understand your vision, beliefs, and values as it relates to growing your philanthropic portfolio in order to generate opportunities that complement your current and future philanthropic work. From there, we’ll make unbiased recommendations that will give you the best exposure/ROI for your financial commitment while simultaneously providing essential support for organizations you’re passionate about. Like our recommendations? We’ll take it from there! Our team will handle all coordination with the nonprofit(s) of your choice to ensure that your contributions are maximized to the fullest.

Brand buildinG & Management

Because of our unique approach to personal branding, we have the ability to help you evaluate your current status and suggest tweaks that can make you stand apart from your competition. Every plan we develop centers around positive influence, and our innovative marketing strategies are specifically designed to create awareness at scale.


MEM10 actively helps you evaluate and establish mutually beneficial changes to your existing and future partnerships. By leveraging MEM10’s contacts (and your own) in the business and nonprofit world, we have the ability to build a comprehensive and customized pipeline of potential relationships relevant to your values and interests.


Running a business that could use a refresh? Have a new business idea in mind? Starting and building a thriving business is a huge time commitment, regardless of your profession. We help our clients bridge the gap by identifying business opportunities and connecting them with targeted partners interested in working together.


Bridging the Gap

Between Your Career and Social Impact

Between Your Career and Business Opportunities

Between Your Career and Your Legacy

How We Do It

Our team will sit down with you and ask necessary questions regarding your vision, beliefs, and values to ensure that we have a full understanding of what you want to see come to fruition. While this is happening, our team will also be conducting an audit of your current efforts and personal brand.
Our team will develop a custom, creative plan to navigate our clients impact — from your hometown and across the map.

We’ll plan the events you want, coordinate with organizations, develop campaigns and advise charitable giving.

Through a strategic combination of marketing, data and media, we’ll package influence and impact to create new income streams for you.

Special Projects

Playing on Both Sides

of the Ball

Though fueled by the power of good, we also specialize in serving as a catalyst for providing companies and organizations with the tools necessary to successfully reach their revenue goals, build organizational capacity, understand how to foster lasting partnerships, develop effective and efficient operational systems, and build an innovative marketing and development plan for the future.

We bring a comprehensive range of industry and nonprofit experience, breadth and depth of multi-disciplinary expertise, and an unwavering commitment to supporting mission-driven organizations and companies in reaching their full potential.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Organizational assessment
  • Strategy and governance guidance
  • Fundraising strategy and campaign packet(s)
  • Sponsorship platform and prospect/pipeline management
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Meeting facilitation and presentations

Meet the MEM10 Team

Preston Butts Jr.

Preston Butts Jr.

Founder and CEO

Taylor DeMagistris

Taylor DeMagistris

Managing Partner

 Jakob Eliason

Jakob Eliason


Getting Started

By involving MEM10 Consulting in your business and/or philanthropic efforts, we can help to assess and strengthen your brand, while simultaneously building lasting partnerships that support you in achieving your goals. Our team is standing by, ready and eager to talk further about your needs.
Memphis, TN
(901) 437-9139