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Building better brands and lasting partnerships through creative business solutions

About US

Who Are We?

We are a Memphis based consulting firm that provides companies and organizations the tools necessary to successfully reach their revenue goals, understand how to build lasting partnerships, and build an effective marketing and development plan for the future.

Our mission is to build better brands and lasting partnerships through creative business solutions.

Our Specialties

we specialize in five main areas

  • Brand building & Management
  • Business Development
  • Partnership & Sponsorship ManagemenT
  • Fundraising & Philanthropy
  • Small Business ForuM



What We Can Do For You

Brand buildinG & Management

Depending on where you are in your business, we have the ability to help you evaluate your current status and make tweaks that can make your business competitive with other organizations.

Business Development

By leveraging MEM10’s contacts in the business world, we will help you build a pipeline of potential relationships that are relevant in your field. After we assess your current contacts, we will build a new joint sales tactic that will dramatically increase your potential to generate additional revenue.

Fundraising & Philanthropy

Here at MEM10 Consulting, we would like for you to see the value in donating to charity. There are multiple marketing and community engagement pieces that go along with organizations competing for those dollars. We want to sit down and ask questions concerning your vision, beliefs, and values. After doing so, we will make unbiased recommendations that will give you the best exposure/ ROI for your financial commitment.

Partnership & Sponsorship Management

MEM10 actively helps your organization evaluate and make mutually beneficial changes to current or new partnerships you are pursuing. We also help maximize your company’s visibility for the financial commitments made with existing and new partnerships.

If your organization needs help restructuring the sales/ sponsorship portion of an event or identifying assets, don’t worry, MEM10 can handle it. We build revenue generating sponsorship sales packets custom to your company.

Small Business Forum

Our forum helps to create synergy/opportunities for small businesses through mutually beneficial partnerships and strategic business opportunities with each other. Our goal is to build a network that can complement their services, talents, and current company influenceto generate revenue that will allow them to reach the next level in their respective fields.

Our goal is to offer affordable MEM10 Consulting services that allows a unique group to build relationships that will flourish into business and personal relationships in the Tristate area and beyond.

Featured Projects

More Than The Game

We work closely with athletes, coaches, etc. to help build their personal brands and companies to continue having a strong source of income pre, during, and post career.



Preston Butts Jr.

Preston Butts Jr., the founder and CEO of MEM10 Consulting, is a native Memphian with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Lyon College. An entrepreneur at heart, he has been involved in various ventures and continues to seek fresh new opportunities.

Preston has a passion for helping others reach their highest potential professionally as well as personally. He has worked with numerous organizations along with professional athletes, coaches and front office personnel. Through business and philanthropic efforts, he has been able to leverage his platform and influence in the business community to help businesses of all sizes grow and structure mutually beneficial partnerships to generate long term success. By using skills he has acquired over the past ten years, Preston has been able to change the direction, mindset, and focus of multiple businesses ranging from those in infancy to those well established.

Aside from his business acumen, Preston is committed to giving back to the community. He serves as a mentor to young adults and is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Currently, Preston sits on the board of Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) and Memphis Suit Project, and supports various causes and charities throughout the city. Preston is also a part of the 2018 Shelby County Mayor-elect’s transition team.

Preston resides in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife Jacqueline and their two children. He owns PB&J Transportation, is part owner to three Nutrition shops, and has his hand is several other projects. In his spare time, he enjoys basketball, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Getting Started

By involving MEM10 Consulting in your business, we can give you a true unbiased assessment of where your company can improve by maximizing revenue, leveraging relationships, and achieving any business objective you set. Our team of associates will be easily accessible and go above and beyond to hit reasonable deadlines.

Memphis, TN
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